Friday, July 24, 2009

The Lion and The Lamb Tutorial

Products needed:
Clair de Lune by EMS Arts
Zindy-Twilight by Zindy-Zone
Tube Credit:(must add this to finished tag)
Kit Credit (must be added to finished tag)

1- Open a new 12 x 12 transparent 300 PPI (pixels per inch) page. (30.480x30.480 cm at 118.110 PPC)
2- Open paper number 7.Resize to 6x6" (15.240x15.240 cm), copy and paste in the center of the 12x12" (30.480x30.480 cm) .
3- Open paper number 6. Resize to 6x6" (15.240x15.240 cm) . Copy and paste in the center of the 12x12" (30.480x30.480 cm) .
Rotate 18 degrees to right.
4- Open frame number 3. Resize to approx 4x5" (10.160x12.700cm) . Copy and paste onto red silk paper. Place on red paper
as shown in my example.
5- Open the twilight tube..resize to 4x5" (10.160x12.700cm) . Paste into image, and move behind frame. If the
image is too large, stand on the tube layer, and use eraser to delete the part of the image extending past the
6- Open the piano element, and resize to approx 2x2" (5.080x5.080) . Copy and paste to image.Apply white drop shadow, to your liking.
7- Open feather number 2. Resize to approx 4x2.5" (10.160x6.350 cm) . Copy, paste and place feather into image as shown.
8- Open chess 2, resize to approx. 1.3x2"(3.302x5.080). Place as shown. Mirror image and apply white drop shadow.
9- Open ribbon. Resize t 1.8x6" (20.320x15.240 cm). Copy and paste behind frame as shown.
10- Open lovedoodle 1. Resize to approx 5x5 (12.700x12.700cm) . Place behind tube as shown. Apply black drop shadow.
11- Open tag. Resize to approx 2x3" (5.080x7.620 cm). Copy and paste as shown.Rotate to the right at 38 degrees. Apply black drop shadow.
12- Crop as desired. Reduce to approx. 8x7 (20.320x17.780cm) Reduce PI to 72 (28.346 PPC).
13- Add Tube designer's credits.
14- Add Kit designer's credits.
15- Save as a PNG file.

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